Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Nude O'Clock

I haven't had life drawing for almost 2 months, so it was great to go back! I love finding the balance between learning from expressive drawing and true observation.

You can never truly capture a person through a single photograph, you can't capture every movement, or mannerism. So in comics, I always like how the portrait of any character is built up through every panel, page or picture, that their consistency is an evolution throughout the story. I always try and get a good likeness for the model in life drawing, and I like how through each of these pictures you get an overall idea for the model that you couldn't through one picture alone.

^ this one is my favourite :>


Here are some messaround pieces I finished lately. They're inspired by some recoloured old manga panels I saw a while ago on Same Hat!; I've been meaning to understand more about colour, so I thought I'd kickstart it with some colour references from pictures I like. I'm swamped with work atm, but hopefully I'll be able to show more non uni stuff soon!