Wednesday, 15 June 2011


After being shouted out by a couple of loverly fellas, I thought I'd follow the trend and post some artists that float my boat!

Amélie Fléchais

ssoja's art inspires me pretty much every time I see it. As someone who can't paint for shit, I always love her watercolours, and how she balances pattern with solid shapes, 2-d with 3-d rendering. Even her simple work as an amazing atmosphere to it.

Christophe Marchetti

A lot of this guy's newer work reminds me of Taiyo Matsumoto's Takemitsu Zamurai and Sunny stuff. I haven't actually read any of Marchetti's comics yet, but I'm really curious to see how he tells stories.

Maciej Kuciara
I still don't fully know how to pronounce his name.

His websites down atm, so here's his deviantart.
Something I found on a pixiv hunt a while ago:

Quick blast from the past: No matter what people think of Dragonball Z, Dragonball is still an amazing comic. I think it was the first comic after primary school age (post Beano and Spider-man) that really kickstarted my current love for the medium. While everyone loves the Akira bike, this one always has a spot in my heart as my dream vehicle :)

Till next time!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

More character designs! A man's been cursed to be trapped within a puppet like body, to be a ward for a town abandoned through war. All the residents had left on floating city-ships to closely follow the war, and the man has been left alone for years. The book gives him the chance to slowly reveal his personality to a sudden guest to the town, whose earlier designs can be seen here.

The mask on his back shows the man himself, like some kind of death mask.

So I've finally finished university! It feels pretty good...