Monday, 6 August 2012


So last winter I worked on the first issue of a book called (you guessed it) Dannyland with the inestimable Nate Simpson on writing duties.  Unfortunately it didn't work out as a long term project, but I learnt a million things and more from the guy.  Here are some highlights from the first issue- the logo design and tones are largely placeholders, hence the inconsistency.  I don't think I was really mature enough for the responsibilities  of working on the book, but that's something I've improved on since!  Maybe someday I'll show some more art from this project.


Useless fact- the first page of the book in the coffee shop scene, has a couple of obscure likenesses in the top right corner, mainly to entertain myself- Joe Sutton, Joe Keatinge, and uh, Tobias from Arrested Development...