Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Sea of Frozen Words

Waaaay back when, back in Summer 2009 to be exact, we had the choice to base a project on one of a handful of extracts describing fictional worlds. I chose the Sea of Frozen Words, which is based on part of a centuries old nonsense book about a Giant called Pantagruel who travels around having adventures and inexplicably changing size. Ignoring that part (which was barely mentioned in the text given), I focused on the war mentioned, basing my story on a member of the cloud-riders who struggles to balance between isolation/the meaninglessness of war and his urge to live.

I never finished colouring it, and so tinkered around with it over easter now. It's coloured terribly, and terribly inconsistently, and reads a bit strangely, but if I don't post it now I never will. I have a habit of thinking of ridiculously elaborate backstories and parallel goings-on, and so I'm never sure how much to actually tell in the story itself. I'll get there though.

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