Sunday, 6 February 2011

Comics Manifesto

From Comicz Quest:

"We are sick and tired of the communication media and their self-proclaimed role as the guarantors of public freedoms, as the guardians of the public spirit, the popular sensibility and conscience. Under this cloak of words they are concealing a thoroughly sinister complex: the manipulation of public opinion, the numbing of popular conscience, the substitution of genuine commonality by the logic of economic forces!

And what can you say about common mortals? Frozen in their present, assuming their role without protest: Politicians and terrorists, bishops and rock ‘n’ rollers, pedophiliac internet predators, students, workers, and executives, writers and artists, all utterly predictable and bored, all contributing to the same chorus of tedium, incapable of creating anything genuine!

Where is the virtue? Where is the love?

Wake up, O cartoonists, wake up from your Marvel-ous dreams! Create comics even though no one pays you for them, even though no one reads them! Cartooning is an act of virtue!

Let us undermine the syntax of sense, the logic of profit!

Drawing is an act of love, free, anonymous, and automatic!!

It’s free because no one can ever pay what it is truly worth. It’s anonymous because it’s aimed at the world in general and no one in particular. It’s automatic because, indeed, it’s done with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

It’s an act of selflessness and purity!

"When the government is evil, the wise man practices virtue in his own home. When the government is good, the wise man does the same.”

We refuse to play your game! Even though no one needs them, even though no one buys them or reads them, even though no one ask us or thanks us… WE SHALL DRAW COMICS!!"

- By Max in Bardín the Superrealist.

I finished a 24hr comic. I'll post it when I'm blessed with scans of the stuff

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