Saturday, 6 August 2011


Here's a couple sneak peeks at a book I've illustrated called (you guessed it) Hampshire Folk Tales, a book of folklore, myths and urban legends about the English county and it's crazy history. It was actually written by my uncle (a storyteller by trade), and is an amazing read- a lot of these books can be quite drily written, but my uncle has tried to make it as lively and organic as possible. He has a couple of amazing lines on storytelling as a whole, explaining how evolutionary stories can be, and how every different change and personal take on a narrative can create an even bigger story of it's own.

Through some misunderstanding on my part I left myself little time to do these illustrations, and while some may be a bit sparse, I had a load of fun on the book and knocked out a few good results. It's being published through History Press in November, and I'll give you details on buying it closer to the launch date!

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