Sunday, 6 November 2011


Advice to Sink in Slowly is a project to give illustrated posters of any kind of advice to first year students from former graduates. The lovely John Stanbury, organiser of AtSiS asked me to join in, and as someone who loved having one of these posters in my first year of uni, I was more than happy to join in.

The advice is pretty self explanatory! As much as I loved my course, it didn't teach much about my specific interests, and alongside that, I found it easy to get stressed out by my view of what was 'expected of me' by the course. Illlustration can so easily become obsessive, so I think this advice is still useful. For me at least!

I wanted the poster to be graphic in design, so even if you didn't like the artwork you'd still be happy to have the poster on your wall. Here's close ups of the art itself:

I generally went with the "Draw What You Want" part more than anything thematically close, but I guess from the top, each picture loosely represents knowledge/potential, adventure, and hope/peace and reflection.

I was going to do alternate versions with only one illustration in, but got lazy and didn't. Originally it was going to be a different poster altogether- a digital painting with lots of dismantled tech and machinery:

If you're a student in the UK you can request a poster for free here!