Friday, 20 July 2012


I was pretty gutted when I found out that Moebius had died.  I'd heard back in Angouleme at the beginning of the year that he was critically ill, but I don't think the possibility really hit me that he would ever actually go away!  It's pretty incredible that Moebius was so good, even when his comics didn't make any sense, you could still love them.  I think I read the Incal when I was about 16, but didn't really think about who made it until I went to uni, where me and Phandy would regularly gush over his work, and pretty much have done ever since.

I feel like if life was more like One Piece then Moebius was the King of the Pirates, and now there's an empty seat that everyone should fight to claim.  Moebius wasn't my favourite comic creator, but I feel that if I don't even try and get to his natural level of sincerity and creativity in my work, then I've got the wrong goals in mind!

This piece was part of the Electric Ant Zine tribute to Moebius, where we each had a piece of art from a trading card set to base a piece on.  This was mine, and I just got a little carried away with it!  Design wise the ship is a little crude, but at the time I thought that it suited Moebius' design, where sometimes his perspective would be just a little off, or his designs deceptively simple.  This was another piece where the linework was relatively quick, but the colouring took ages!  Also, I've been told that it needs more rubble, which I agree with.  Still, I like it!

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