Sunday, 3 July 2011

In absence of work I'm allowed to show (although I might show a bit soon anyway), here's some life drawing and painting from the past little while. Throughout uni, my life drawing was a lot more structured than sessions I went to before, and so while I've undoubtedly learnt more, I think I've also developed a habit of overthinking obervational drawing, and forgetting to just relax and enjoy myself. Both in my observational drawing and any other work, my goal from here on out is to balance pushing technique and knowledge whilst just... enjoying what I naturally do!

Painting has never come naturally to me, so when I practice observational painting I'm usually slow. Even so, I learn something every time! Gestural sketches (like in the last photo) are really fun to learn natural posture and weight balance, as well as simplifying shape. I still hang on to these when I can, since they can give you a little perspective when you're overthinking anatomic proportions in place of gesture and action.

To me, the absolute master of life drawing is the esteemed Francis Vallejo. He consistently balances line and form, knowledge and expression in every piece. From his warmup sketches to his more polished renderings... he knows his shit. Also check out Jaime Jones (another young genius, and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet), whose life drawing reflects his more painterly nature.

Now, on with things!


  1. In absence of work??
    why are you not working?

  2. Hey, my last deadline set a new personal record! 15 illustrations in a day... Since you're just that swell a guy I might send you some :)